Why I joined the Ministry Fundraising Network

“If you want to go fast ­ go it alone, but if you want to go far ­get on the bus!”  

In 2010 while in Kabwe, Zambia, training national sports leaders about financial development and sustainable ministry, I heard this statement for the first time.  So true! I will never forget it.

This is the essence of the Ministry Fundraising Network (MFN). It is what attracted our organization to explore MFN and to join the network. All across the globe ministries are struggling with becoming sustainable, with having local financial support, and with being a catalyst for generous giving in their local communities.

How do we get started? What should be our attitude and behavior in ministering to financial partners? What will it take to plan, manage, and steward financial development in my organization?  Answers to these questions are found in the collection of ministries and leaders that have joined the MFN.

For my organization specifically, the MFN has opened doors to partner with other organizations to develop and implement training and coaching in financial development.  We have been able to find and share best practices in helping our teams throughout the globe in raising funds in a way that honors God.  The MFN gives us a place to connect and discuss broad issues concerning Biblical stewardship and generosity, and how to build capacity through financial development.

As a personal benefit, I have been able to contribute to the MFN experience and knowledge and that has given me an opportunity to impact ministries across the globe.