For many years I thought that all the funding for our ministry depended on pleasing those who gave from America, Canada or Europe. Sometimes we were without what we felt we needed to reach the youth in Alexandria because it wasn’t a priority for our donors.

Adel, our AYC leader and a young leader with the Lausanne Movement, encountered what is now the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network (MFN). They espouse the idea of ministries raising funds locally, rather than depending entirely on foreign funding.

Eventually Adel arranged for us to have training via Skype from two of the MFN leaders. As we explored together what the Bible says about money, we realized that God had given us the ministry and could supply all of our needs for the ministry that He had called us to do. The teachers challenged us to culturally adapt the methods presented which included making a list of people who we could approach for funding.

After prayer and consideration, I went to see a business person that I knew. The person was very aware of our AYC ministry. I shared some of the Scripture passages and asked the person why, after 15 years of reliable and good local work, we had to go to foreigners to fund our ministry when there were plenty of Christians in Egypt who could give. God blessed my efforts and my courage. That business person challenged other business people to give so that it turned out to be a kind of friendly competition. We were grateful to our Lord for this success!

In three years, God supplied many local givers; we then needed another level of help! We needed to understand how to organize the donors and meet their needs since we wanted to have relationships with all of them but only had a few people to do the work. I contacted MFN and was connected with a specialist in this area. We had two sessions of an hour each which set me in the direction I needed to go.

These experiences of seeing God supply for our ministry gave me the courage to help other Lausanne Young Leaders raise funds for their participation at the Young Leaders Gathering. It has been a joy to encourage others in the area of fundraising. It has built our faith to see God supply our needs.

Now I look to God for my supply, not “The West.”