Taken from: Relationship Fundraising
Author: Ken Burnett
  1. Fundraising is not about raising money.  It’s about meeting needs and bringing about change.
  2. People give to people, not to organizations or even causes.  Fundraising is a people business.  Personal requests work best.  Fund development is people development.
  3. Friend-making comes before fundraising.
  4. Open their hearts. Then open their minds. Then open their cheque books.
  5. Communicate need, to bring the problem to the donor.
  6. Set clear targets. Communicate your goals to your donors. Communicate action and success to encourage full involvement.
  7. Know how much to ask each prospect for, and when.
  8. The most important two words are thank you.  Acknowledge every donation with a friendly, personal letter.  Give larger donors special treatment.
  9. Encourage donors to identify with your organizations, to feel a sense of shard ownership.
  10. Always be honest, open and truthful with donors.  Share your problems as well as your successes.

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