With more than three decades of experience in donor development, Ron brings a wealth of experience and insight to his clients. As President of Frey Resource Group, Ron consults with nonprofit clients to them become extraordinarily successful in fundraising. He works with nonprofit leaders to achieve growth through marketing and fundraising solutions.

Ron’s early career includes leadership roles at Mission Aviation Fellowship, Food for the Hungry, Mercy Corps and Luis Palau Association. As a strategic and creative thinker, he has consulted and trained hundreds of organizations that share one common theme – the need to raise more money to make a bigger difference in the world. Ron’s innovative Breakthroughs in Fundraising! training program is designed to help ministry leaders become personally successful at fundraising. His clients include missions, youth organizations, camps, humanitarian organizations, schools and health care.

Ron’s has served on the boards of Portland Christian Schools, Northwest Christian Community Foundation and Christian Chamber of Commerce Northwest. Ron and his wife, Suzanne, have three grown children and live in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Posts by Ron Frey:

How to win a giver

Posted on: 10 Oct 2016

In the last blog, I explained that excellent fundraising is about winning donors, not just “getting the money” and I gave an example of a ministry leader who asked me for a big amount with a short deadline for a personal project. It was an “ask” that was out of alignment. Winning new donors is always a challenge. But with the right approach, you can do it and watch your donor base grow.  In over 30 years of ministry fundraising experience, I’ve learned a few basic principles that might be helpful to you. Get properly introduced and endorsed from credible […]

Growing donors – the real bottom line of fundraising

Posted on: 29 Sep 2016

A ministry leader from a developing country recently connected with me through a social media website. His first communication was to ask me for funds for a personal project that would benefit one his family members. While the project was important to him, it seemed as if the only reason he wanted my social media “friendship” was to ask for money, as if he thinks I have a lot of it. And he wanted the gift right now. Now, I try to be sensitive to the Lord’s leading in these matters and I don’t get offended by people asking. But […]

One Essential Truth of Generosity

Posted on: 16 Aug 2016

Who is the most generous person you know? After three decades of stewardship ministry I’ve met a lot of wonderful givers, but the most generous people I’ve ever known are my own mom and dad. It’s not the size of their gifts that makes them the most generous. There are plenty of other people who have bigger bank accounts and write much larger checks. It’s their consistent acts of generosity that is remarkable. They love to serve others, to meet a need, to satisfy a want, to share their abundance and let others know they are loved. They give money […]

Giving is for everyone

Posted on: 01 Aug 2016

I recently heard the testimony of a pastor who took his youth group to Guatemala on a mission trip. They visited the trash dump on the outskirts of town and met the people who make their living by picking through the garbage. Later, they visited a local church where the people from the dump would gather for a meal every day—a meal freely provided by the church. When the pastor asked how this outreach ministry was funded (assuming of course, that funding for such a ministry would come from donors in the USA or wealthier people in Guatemala), he was […]