Redina is the founder of Christian Fundraising Consultancy – a Christian consulting group based in the UK and serving ministries across the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe. Redina holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Spurgeon’s College in London. She started her journey as a ministry fundraiser in 1998 when she was awarded a research grant from the Whitefield Institute in Oxford. Redina spent two years at the Whitefield Institute where she conducted the first nationwide research on giving trends and attitudes of evangelical Christians in the UK.

From 1998 – 2003 Redina served as a Stewardship Education consultant for Stewardship Services (now Stewardship). She was responsible for developing stewardship training resources for local churches and for putting together the programme and the promotional efforts for three annual M:Power – stewardship and fundraising conferences for church and ministry leaders in the UK.

Since 2003, through training, research and consulting Redina has helped hundreds of fundraisers and marketers in Christian charities across the UK, Europe and Australia to launch successful fundraising campaigns and to reach their funding goals.

She enjoys working with sole fundraisers or members of large teams, helping them to set marketing and fundraising goals and choose the right strategies systems and media channels to accomplish them.

Redina lives in Colchester, UK but is often travelling around Europe and further afield offering training and coaching to ministry leaders and fundraisers.

Posts by Redina Kolaneci:

Five Ways to Get Your Ministry’s Board to Love Fundraising!

Posted on: 22 Oct 2018

How do your ministry’s board members feel about fundraising? Does the very idea of being involved in raising money fill them with fear or with joy? Do they consider fundraising as one of their responsibilities of being an effective board member? In this blog post I would like to share with you five biblically based ways to encourage your board members to embrace fundraising as one of their key responsibilities. Encourage board members to model generosity by giving to your ministry. To help them fully understand and embrace their role of leading through their generosity take some time with your […]