Instrumental in setting up local / indigenous resource mobilization for leading charities and non-profits in Asia and Middle East. Designed strategies and curriculum for sustainable Resource mobilization for INGOs in Asia. Held Senior Management/Consultant or Advisory positions with top INGOs such as Oxfam, CARE, ActionAid, Greenpeace, International Federation of Red cross and Red crescent societies, Plan, YMCA, Salvation Army, Oasis, Damien, Am Cross etc. Resource person for more than 100 local NGOs and community-based organisations and churches in South and Central Asia. Resourced in conferences across Asia. Key note speaker in international conferences on Institutional Excellence.
Organizational Development facilitator with experience in: Organisational Climate Surveys, Vision and Mission clarification exercises, Training and Developmental needs analysis, Mentoring and Coaching, Attitudinal and soft skills administration and implementation of Need-based Change Management strategies.
Lending strategic and mentoring support to national and international faith based organisations, reputed charitable hospitals and medical institutions in the area of branding, publications, public engagement and fundraising. Resource Person for Corporate Seminars, Resource Mobilisation Conferences globally. Trained in USA, UK and Australia. Work and Study assignments undertaken in countries such as Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, SriLanka, Philippines, USA, UK, Australia etc. Research work done on other south-east Asian countries as well.
Worked with Christian & Secular media-conducted interviews, given messages, participated in debates in local and National TV. Written for Christian magazines and publications. Managing Editor for woman’s magazine for 2 years.

Posts by Alice Prema:

Appealing To Soul And Spirit

Posted on: 10 Aug 2020

Fundraising, as we all know, refers to the process of creating content and communicating with an intent to convince the listener and get committed support for the work we represent. The “Call to Action” determines whether a fundraising communication will be effective or not. The action almost always begins with conviction before it shows out as a support. Let us see how we can effectively generate a cadre of supporters for the call of Christ upon the Church. Marketing evolution of Ministry Fundraising: Evangelical Marketing through electronic and social media, that was mostly a hit or miss campaign, has now […]

Stewardship to Joint Ownership

Posted on: 08 Jul 2019

In the ham and eggs story, the chicken boasted to the Pig, “Do you realise how faithfully I sacrifice an egg a day to serve breakfast to our master?” …the pig simply replied – “but today I will give my very life to satisfy my master”!   I think it is time to operate not merely as sincere and sacrificial managers but as selfless sons who are willing to give their very lives to satisfy the master’s passion! Let us begin by understanding our heavenly master’s expressed longing to us! We all know that the Great commission of Christ to […]