We will always remember 2020 as the year when the global pandemic put the world to a halt. Many of us did not realize the lockdown, community quarantine, and the limited physical movement would last this long.

Many non-profit organizations were quick to move into online and digital platforms to continue their work. Others chose to slow down and even stopped many of their activities, not knowing what to do or what hit them.

God, however, is not surprised by this pandemic and the world-wide change from normal to new normal. He is in sovereign control of everything and continues to sustain the world. God owns and is in charge of the future of our ministry and that is our confidence and hope.

Someone said that that in this new normal, most non-profit organizations are like start-ups. There is some truth to this since the pandemic forced us to look into our priorities and create new strategies. Many of us needed to re-tool ourselves,  shift to online events and meetings, set up digital giving, and other online platforms.

Going Online

Under the new normal, digital and online activities will be with us and the sooner  ministries get used to these, the better. Organize around these and learn from last year’s experience and from other ministries who have successfully pivoted to digital technology.

Here are ten tips when planning your online activities:

  1. Know your audience and speak to where they are
  2. Organize content in sync with your mission and strategic thrusts
  3. Be clear about the objectives of your online event
  4. Recruit and mobilize people with expertise in marketing, communications, preparing graphic arts, content experts, moderators, etc.
  5. Assign a leader to oversee online programs and activities
  6. Expand your reach by making your online content accessible after the event
  7. Provide venue for interaction, feedback and action
  8. Monitor and improve by conducting focus group discussion
  9. Build and grow your online community
  10. Consider the different time zones when planning your event

This pandemic will also cease and we can then go back once again to face-to-face interaction and  activities. We can safely say, however, that online strategies and digital fundraising will continue to be part of the normal scene in the non-profit world. The sooner you retool your people and your ministry in using digital platforms, the greater the chances of thriving.

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