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Ron Frey founded Frey Resource Group to serve non-profit organizations with excellence and effectiveness. With a focus squarely on producing income growth, the mission of Frey Resource Group is to empower leaders for extraordinary success in fundraising. We work with organizations that bring hope, healing and transformation to lives and communities around the world. We believe success is achieved by upholding the highest standards of integrity, stewardship and fruitfulness in ministry. We encourage organizations to achieve their highest potential in fundraising through innovation and personal effectiveness.

Our aim is to combine the art of creative and inspiring communication with the science of donor development to be successful at raising the money you need to grow! We do it in a donor-centric way that builds long-term relationships. While many organizations focus their fundraising on “getting the gift,” we focus on winning the “heart of the giver” so they may experience the joy of giving to your cause over the course of many years. On behalf of our clients, we aim to inspire radical generosity that changes lives, communities and nations.

Frey Resource Group Provides the Following Services

Strategic Consulting – Comprehensive consultation in the development, implementation and management of strategic and long range plans for organizational growth and marketing.

Creative Services – Message development and writing services for a broad spectrum of donor communications including direct mail, newsletters, e-mail, websites, brochures, reports, and prospectuses.

Major Donor Program Consultation – We offer a research based system of finding, attracting, winning, keeping, and upgrading major donors. We help organization establish enduring relationships with high capacity givers resulting in a growing major gifts program.

Foundation Research and Grant Writing – We help you obtain foundation grants by producing winning proposals. We can train your staff in foundation research and grant writing or provide these services.

Capital Campaign Programs – Includes pre-feasibility planning studies, feasibility studies, case statements, prospect research, and seasoned counsel in the implementation of capital campaign plans.

Training and Coaching Programs

  • Fundraising Bootcamp – a one-year beginning training program designed to help ministries launch their fundraising programs.
  • Breakthroughs in Fundraising – a comprehensive one year course in donor development with an emphasis on the five critical goals of fundraising. Designed for more established ministries with development programs.
  • High Performance Development – for experienced development professionals, a one-year program designed to elevate personal performance and productivity in the ministry of donor development.
  • Customized In-House Training Programs – For larger ministries with a development staff, we will provide in-house training in all aspects of income program strategy and management.
  • Development Coaching – a personalized, one on one coaching program to help non-profit leaders achieve personal success in the ministry of donor development.


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It was a cold and clear Sunday morning last winter in Portland. We exited our church building having just heard a great sermon which touched on themes of social justice and generosity. On the sidewalk at the foot of the church steps was a Central American woman with four young children, and a sign that said “Hungry – please help.” What a set up! Having just heard the sermon, sung songs and prayed prayers, we were confronted with a real, live, opportunity to immediately respond to a hurting family. What would each one of us actually do? Give her money? […]

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I heard a speaker at church shock the congregation with this statement: “God has not given you a purpose in life!” You could hear a pin drop as we waited for the next line, and he repeated it for emphasis. “You do not have a God-given life purpose!” As he continued his comments about how attempts to discover our own life purpose is an unbiblical concept, I found myself profoundly in disagreement with his statements. But then he made his point: God has a purpose. You have an assignment! My mind immediately opened up to what he was really saying. […]

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In the last blog, I explained that excellent fundraising is about winning donors, not just “getting the money” and I gave an example of a ministry leader who asked me for a big amount with a short deadline for a personal project. It was an “ask” that was out of alignment. Winning new donors is always a challenge. But with the right approach, you can do it and watch your donor base grow.  In over 30 years of ministry fundraising experience, I’ve learned a few basic principles that might be helpful to you. Get properly introduced and endorsed from credible […]