My experience in Fund Raising comes from establishing Haggai Institute India on the basis of local funds and not receiving support from outside the country. Primarily I train on fund raising from a Biblical perspective. I provide consultation on fund raising strategies and training in a Third World context.

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Communicating With The Donor

Posted on: 17 Feb 2020

Communication is the central activity of fund raising. It is the means we use to educate and help the donor to develop a clear vision for himself. There are many methods of communication that the fund raiser can use and the content of the communication depends on the fund raising strategy being adopted. In India we are very idealistic in our fund raising and assume that people give because God is moving them and that we do not need to intervene and educate the donor. Frankly this is laziness. We need to minister, then only will funds come freely, as […]

Accountability and Communication

Posted on: 08 Oct 2018

Accountability is making the whole process of the organization open to scrutiny. Unfortunately, most people seem to think that accountability is having their accounts properly audited and submitted to the board of directors. I think we need to go beyond financial rectitude to proper accountability where confidence is built in the organization leading to greater confidence in giving to the organization. In fact, financial accountability only gives confidence that all expenses have proper bills and all the monies spent are accounted for. This gives no confidence in the organization or the expenses they incur. For example, if an expense of […]

Telling Your Story

Posted on: 20 Mar 2017

Fund Raising is all about telling our story in a manner that grips the people’s imagination. It needs to create excitement and thrill in the hearer. This obviously should not be manufactured, and needs to be a part of our organization. That means the same story needs to be with every member of the team so that they have the same excitement in all that they do. The organizations activity is not the story, nor are testimonies the story, but the pain of the people that is being addressed by the organization is the story. What is the specific suffering […]

Importance of Fund Raisers Being Leaders

Posted on: 21 Nov 2016

Fund Raisers are Leaders Often fund raisers have the wrong mindset to be effective for what God has called them to do. Instead of having the mindset of a leader they tend to have the mindset of a vendor selling a product. We need to change our mindset to that of a leader providing leadership to people. There are three approaches to fund raising, which I detail in my book “Art of Fund Raising”. One aims at the heart or the emotions of the donor and presents him a heart rending need faced by people and makes the appeal for funds. […]