Joshua has benefited from training, mentoring, and experience with more than one approach to fundraising. Early on in his career, he served alongside seasoned professionals, who were not followers of Christ whose way of fundraising was a mix of science and art though often their motivations or methods for giving were devoid of spiritual significance. Then, later in his career, he had the benefit of serving with Christian development professionals who balanced the science / art of fundraising with a distinctly Biblical approach. He went on to incorporate these various experiences into an approach and philosophy that is his own. A belief that governs his approach to coaching is that God has all the resources needed to fund His intended plans, and that it is not only *possible*, but also *better*, in the long run, that an indigenous ministry be funded indigenously. Some of the authors who have most influenced his philosophy of fundraising would be the Apostle Paul, Henry Nouwen, and Scott Rodin.

Some of the areas that he assists young leaders with are

  • Integration of fundraising with organizational values / mission
  • Biblical rationale for various funding arrangements
  • Income stream analysis
  • Major donor relations
  • Volunteer roles in fundraising
  • Avoiding a “prosperity gospel” mentality, while yet exercising faith toward God for big things
  • Grants & Matching grants


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