What Is MFN?

Ministry Fundraising Network (MFN) is a global network that exists to increase the capacity and competency of ministries and churches to practice Biblical Stewardship and Fundraising: the whole Church resourced to take the whole Gospel to the whole world.

Join the Network

If you would like to become part of this global network as a fundraising professional mentor or student, please join us!

Who Is Involved

Jonathan Onigbinde

Joshua Harber

Kehinde Ojo

Lisa Nagle

Michael Renie

Prem Kumar D Lee

Why Are We Here?

The Christian majority world is responding to the Great Commission and taking the lead. As ministries are created in new places, directed and lead by indigenous leaders creative in their response to various cultures, there is a need for an equally robust response to biblical fund development to support these new or expanding ministry initiatives.

Global South and the Global North Christian ministries and churches see the ministry of fundraising as precipitating a movement of global generosity – a desire to see followers of Christ mature as disciples in Biblical Stewardship.

Business for Transformation, loans, and other community development funding strategies provide mechanisms for funding ministries but they cannot replace a fundamental precept and fruit of Christ followers – generosity demonstrated by giving and receiving in the Kingdom.


Hany Emad

For many years I thought that all the funding for our ministry depended on pleasing those who gave from America, Canada or Europe. Sometimes we were without what we felt we needed to reach the youth in Alexandria because it wasn’t a priority for our donors. Adel, our AYC leader and a young leader with the Lausanne Movement, encountered what is now the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network (MFN). They espouse the idea of ministries raising funds locally, rather than depending entirely on foreign funding. Eventually Adel arranged for us to have training via Skype from two of the MFN leaders. […]

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